The Caretaker

In 1990 I attended the European Council of International Schools annual conference in Vienna, staffing a pop-up book shop; a rare opportunity for teachers from international schools in Europe and from further afield to buy books in English ( was still five years away).

Since that conference, the world and I have evolved, and I am committed to the exploration, discovery and application of event and web services for membership organisations, associations, charities, non-profits, international schools, and exhibitors at overseas events.

Why caretaker? An idea shamefully stolen from Stange and Charmed. I am the caretaker of a facility and I like taking care of those that trust me.

- Steven James

+44/0 7703 335635 | +44/0 1296 695983

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News and Upcoming

SGIS 2018

March 9th, 10th 2018 - The exhibition of educational resources at the Swiss Group of International Schools (more...)

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A CRM for membership bodies:

CiviCRM is an open source 'constituent' relationship management system for the third sector (charities and non-profits, ideally suited to associations). Contact me for more information about how you can benefit from this remarkable, community-driven software.

Event registration | membership management | payment and contribution tracking | case management | bulk email (newsletters) | ...more

Drive your website with your CRM data

I build dynamic websites using Drupal (content management system) and CiviCRM, a great combination for your association or membership body. Map your data, incorporate event registration pages, membership directories and more.

Exhibitions and conferences for associations

Conferences, Exhibitions, Meetings: often a key income generator for associations and other membership bodies. I assist associations and membership organisations with their annual events. I bring diligence, flexibility, innovation and expertise to these ever-evolving events.

Contact me about your upcoming events

Presenting at a conference? Want to spruce up your presentation? Drop me a line.

Need a meeting/training venue?

Need somewhere to meet? Somewhere for 5-40 people? I have a special venue for you. Just 45 miles from central London, accessible by train, in an idyllic natural setting, and certainly not yet another corporate hotel conference centre. Contact me to arrange your next meeting in the Curious Cows Conference Room.

I make ATA carnets easy

In my early days, some kind of documentation was required just to cross the Channel to exhibit. Now, and for the next year, anyway, exhibiting in the EU could not be easier. But... what if your exhibition is in Switzerland, Norway or in Eastern Europe beyond the EU? The ATA Carnet becomes necessary. This can be a laborious, impenetrable, and frightening prospect to produce, but I think it's a thing of beauty. Let me help you produce your next one.

And rest assured; I will do my best to understand what the UK government will negotiate for the temporary movement of goods from the UK after the United Kingdom leaves the EU. It will surely necessitate some new documentation and procedures and I intend to understand them as soon as they are clarified.

Clients and Associates

Swiss Group of International Schools (SGIS)

Exhibition management (annual since 1994)

Halton UK

CRM, websites, networking, back-office, Curious Cows meeting venue and cook (since 2014)


Assisted with the launch of Springboard in European markets (a brief stint in 2016 but being such a great project, it deserves a link).


(now a division of inRESONANCE); Drupal websites for international schools (2012-13)

ECI Schools

Exhibition management and conference assistance for two conferences annually 1994-2013

Suppliers to international schools

publishers, school equipment manufacturers, educational and financial consultants, service suppliers, exhibitors and their contractors (since 1990)